Advantages of Getting a Tiled Roof!

You decide it’s time for a complete roof restoration after having spent thousands of dollars on repairing cracks and repainting the roof – ultimately as waste.

When picking a roof for your house, just throwing up one that won’t fly down isn’t enough. Rather, one should focus on the substance of the roof as this will dramatically change the way the structure below works.

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Each type of roof material has its own pros and cons, from slate to steel. Let’s look at terracotta and concrete tiles, the most common roof styles built-in Australian homes.

For decades, tiles have been around, which is a testimony to their longevity and sustainability. The natural thermal insulation properties of clay and concrete roof tiles contribute to the energy savings of a wall.

Both terracotta and concrete tiles, available in a wide variety of shapes and finishes, bring a fantastic and aesthetic touch to every house. Since they are well adapted to warm climates, they are common in Australia and recommended by every roof restoration company in Sydney.

Why roofs with Concrete tiles?

Terracotta and concrete tiles look almost the same to the naked eye. That’s why concrete tiles have become a common alternative to terracotta tiles that are stunning yet costly.

The look of wooden shingles, slate, and stone can also be mimicked by concrete roof tiles, rendering them a cost-effective but equally appealing substitute for these upscale products.

Not only that, concrete roof tiles are so robust that many of the tiled roofs from decades earlier survive to this day in good working order.

Thus, when constructing roofs that can withstand the harsh Australian climate, this function is significant.

  • Concrete is resilient, and as such, concrete tile roofs give their clay equivalents a significant strength advantage. Roof tiles need to meet stringent strength requirements when built and are known to get stronger with age.
  • Tiled roofs provide excellent acoustic efficiency and sound insulation. Roof tiles can potentially minimize noise by 30 decibels, more than double the decrease in noise from other roofing materials. As the fastest growing Roof Restoration company in Sydney, we recommend tiled roof  if you like your house calm and quiet at all times by keeping unwanted noise out of your living room
  • Both roof tiles are fire-resistant, whether clay or concrete. As such, we, as premium roof restoration service providers in Sydney recommend building a roof made of non-combustible material if you reside in an environment that is vulnerable to bushfires.
  • Roof tiles are 100% recyclable. As they reach the end of their lifecycle, they can be pulverized and the material can be used again.

You may want to contact a roofing specialist first before considering a roofing alternative and ask for quotations from numerous licensed roof installers.

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