Why replace when you can revive?

Why Roof Restoration?

We all know the importance of the roof of a house and like any other part of our house, the roof also
needs upkeep and regular maintenance to make sure that it performs its best. For this, a roof
restoration is the best solution. So why go in for a roof replacement when you can have it revived.

You might think that a roof restoration could be as expensive as a roof replacement but the truth is
that not only do you save money by going in for a roof restoration job but also save yourself from
paying more money by trying to escape from it.

Benefits of roof restoration – The results that you would see after getting your roof restored are
surely a lot more than what you think.

1) It saves you money – As discussed earlier, a roof restoration job saves you from spending
more money later because if we wait to get it restored then you might have to replace it
with an entirely new roof. The replacement is bound to cost you thousands of dollars that
we are sure you would not want to waste. A roof restoration process is extremely fast and
you’ll actually be spending only a fraction of what you would spend while getting a new roof.

2) Takes care of tiny holes which cause leakage – Due to harsh weather conditions, roofs are
known to deteriorate faster and cause small holes on tiles which result in leakages. A roof
rebedding or repointing procedure helps to solve this problem and gives new life to the roof.

3) Change of appearance – A roof restoration procedure is a great idea if you wish to change
the appearance of your existing roof. When you employ a professional roofer to get your
roof restored, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Therefore, with such a wide
range to choose from you can surely have the look that you’ve always wanted for your roof
and make it shine with a whole new appearance.

4) To improve safety – A damaged or old roof puts the inhabitants of the house at risk because
it won’t be able to withstand harsh elements like rain, wind, hail and heat. Roof restoration
ensures that the roof is in good condition for many years to come.

You cannot risk the lives
of your loved ones, so restoring your roof is a very small price to pay.

5) Improve energy efficiency – A damaged roof will include leaks that would allow air to
escape. This in turn will lead to you spending much more on energy costs. During the severe
summer and winter months, not only would you be spending more money on electricity bills
but will also suffer from the heat and the cold.

Roof restoration ensures that your home is
more energy efficient by fixing all leaks and sealing them for good.

6) Minimal lifestyle disruption – A roof restoration procedure does not cause a major lifestyle
disruption. A complete roof replacement will require you and your family members to look
for shelter elsewhere till the time the roof is replaced.

There could be something happening
in your life that cannot be ignored, so at such a time a roof restoration is the perfect

There are innumerable excellent reasons to restore your roof and this procedure is therefore
favourable when compared to roof replacement. Trust Showtime Restorations if you are planning to
get your roof restored and when it is all said and done, you’ll be glad you took the right decision.

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